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Minutes for the April 2019 HOA quarterly meeting.
04-15-2019 37 Download
File Size 187.9kB
Park On Florence Newsletter for April 2019.
04-03-2019 45 Download
File Size 436.5kB
January 2019 meeting minutes for the POF HOA board
01-15-2019 91 Download
File Size 189kB
The Park News for January 2019.
01-14-2019 75 Download
File Size 505.5kB
Operating Report for November 2018
01-03-2019 85 Download
File Size 761.6kB
2018 meeting for election of 2019 officers and approval of budget for 2019.
10-26-2018 93 Download
File Size 190.4kB
Minutes from the HOA quarterly meeting on Oct 2 2018
10-26-2018 108 Download
File Size 189.8kB
The Park News for October 2018
10-26-2018 110 Download
File Size 296.1kB
Operating report for June 2018
08-03-2018 131 Download
File Size 760.8kB
The Park News for July 2018
07-16-2018 148 Download
File Size 317kB
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